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1.4a.1. Higher-Order Perception Theories of Consciousness (Higher-Order Perception Theories of Consciousness on PhilPapers)

Lycan, William G. (1995). Consciousness as internal monitoring. Philosophical Perspectives 9:1-14.   (Cited by 44 | Annotation | Google | More links)
Abstract: Locke put forward the theory of consciousness as "internal Sense" or "reflection"; Kant made it inner sense, by means of which the mind intuits itself or its inner state." 1 On that theory, consciousness is a perception-like second-order representing of our own psychological states events. The term "consciousness," of course, has many distinct uses
Lycan, William G. (2004). The superiority of Hop to HOT. In Rocco J. Gennaro (ed.), Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness: An Anthology. John Benjamins.   (Cited by 14 | Google | More links)