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1.4k. Specific Views on Consciousness, Misc (Specific Views on Consciousness, Misc on PhilPapers)

Garvey, James (2006). Consciousness and absence. Journal of Consciousness Studies 13 (s 7-8):44-60.   (Google)
Haraldsen, Robert E. (online). Mind, Matter and Extreme Relativistic Aberration -ERA. Mind and Matter - a scientific approach.   (Google)
Abstract: On consciousness and the flow of spacetime with emphasis on Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and extra dimensions from the perspective of extreme relativistic aberration - ERA From the deepest levels of eternal consciousness we are shaped into an illusive subjective world of inherited collective projections built on phenomenological interactions, obeying solely the realm of purely abstract mathematics.
Haraldsen, Robert E. (ms). The Flow of the Oscillating Universe.   (Google)
Abstract: A deeper understanding of the dynamics of consciousness, not only in the trivial sense of immaterial psychological relations, but as the prerequisite of the universe itself, may lead to an understanding of gravitation. The following argument acknowledges theories of higher dimensions, such as string-M-theory as important descriptive models along with the embedded theories of quantum mechanics and an expanded relativity theory. It is also presumed that the unexploited consequence of special relativity; extreme relativistic aberration , will turn out to be one of the most important keys to a better understanding of the overall unity.