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5.3g. Private Language and Other Minds (Private Language and Other Minds on PhilPapers)

Addis, Mark R. (1999). Wittgenstein: Making Sense of Other Minds. Ashgate.   (Cited by 2 | Google)
Abstract: The difficulties about other minds are deep and of central philosophical importance. This text explores attempts to apply Wittgenstein's concept of criteria in explaining how we can know other minds and their properties. It is shown that the use of criteria for this purpose is misguided.
Mclaughlin, William J. (1970). Private languages and other minds. Personalist 51:338-354.   (Google)
van De Vate Jr, Dwight (1966). Other minds and the uses of language. American Philosophical Quarterly 3 (July):250-254.   (Google)