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7.1f.3. Animal Cognition, Misc (Animal Cognition, Misc on PhilPapers)

Allen, Colin (1997). Animal cognition and animal minds. In Martin Carrier & Peter K. Machamer (eds.), Mindscapes: Philosophy, Science, and the Mind. Pittsburgh University Press.   (Cited by 11 | Google)
Abstract: Psychology, according to a standard dictionary definition, is the science of mind and behavior. For a major part of the twentieth century, (nonhuman) animal psychology was on a behavioristic track that explicitly denied the possibility of a science of animal mind. While many comparative psychologists remain wedded to behavioristic methods, they have more recently adopted a cognitive, information-processing approach that does not adhere to the strictures of stimulus-response explanations of animal behavior. Cognitive ethologists are typically willing to go much further than comparative psychologists by adopting folk-psychological terms to explain the behavior of nonhuman animals. This different attitudes of many scientists presupposes a distinction between cognitive and mental state attributions that is not commonly articulated. This paper seeks to understand that distinction
Allen, Colin, Conditioned anti-anthropomorphism.   (Google)
Abstract: How should scientists react to anthropomorphism (defined for the purposes of this paper as the attribution of mental states or properties to nonhuman animals)? Many thoughtful scientists have attempted to accommodate some measure of anthropomorphism in their approaches to animal behavior. But Wynne will have none of it. We reject his argument against anthropomorphism and argue that he does not pay sufficient attention to the historical facts or to the details of alternative approaches
Allen, Colin (2006). Transitive inference in animals: Reasoning or conditioned associations? In Susan L. Hurley & Matthew Nudds (eds.), Rational Animals? Oxford University Press.   (Cited by 3 | Google)
Beer, Colin G. (1999). Marc Bekoff and Dale Jamieson, eds., Readings in animal cognition, cambridge, MA: MIT press, 1996, XV + 379 pp., $30.00 (paper), ISBN 0-262-52208-X. Minds and Machines 9 (1).   (Google)
Bekoff, Marc & Jamieson, Dale W. (eds.) (1996). Readings in Animal Cognition. MIT Press.   (Cited by 18 | Google | More links)
Abstract: This collection of 24 readings is the first comprehensive treatment of important topics by leading figures in the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of...
Bermudez, Jose Luis (2003). Thinking Without Words. Oxford University Press.   (Cited by 80 | Google | More links)
Bortolotti, Lisa (2008). What does Fido believe? Think 7 (19):7-15.   (Google)
Dennett, Daniel C. (1996). Kinds of Minds. Basic Books.   (Cited by 417 | Google | More links)