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Compiled by David Chalmers (Editor) and David Bourget (Assistant Editor), Australian National University.
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1. Philosophy of Consciousness (Philosophy of Consciousness on PhilPapers)

Philosophy of Consciousness, Miscellaneous

Philosophy of Consciousness, General Works

The Concept of Consciousness

Philosophy of Consciousness, Misc

Explaining Consciousness?

What is it Like?

Subjectivity and Objectivity

The Explanatory Gap

`Hard' and `Easy' Problems

Cognitive Closure

Conceptual Analysis and A Priori Entailment

Explaining Consciousness, Misc

Consciousness and Materialism

The Knowledge Argument

Zombies and the Conceivability Argument

Kripke's Modal Argument

Arguments from Disembodiment

Other Anti-Materialist Arguments

Consciousness and Materialism, Misc

Mind-Body Problem, General

Specific Views on Consciousness

Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness

Higher-Order Perception Theories of Consciousness

Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness, Misc

Higher-Order Thought Theories of Consciousness

Self-Representational Theories of Consciousness

Dennett's Functionalism

Searle's Biological Naturalism

Functionalism about Consciousness

Eliminativism about Consciousness

Dualism about Consciousness