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Compiled by David Chalmers (Editor) and David Bourget (Assistant Editor), Australian National University.
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2. Intentionality (Intentionality on PhilPapers)

Propositional Attitudes

The Language of Thought

The Intentional Stance

Eliminativism about Propositional Attitudes

Propositional Attitudes, Misc

Content Internalism and Externalism

Is Content in the Head?

Social Externalism

Externalism and Psychological Explanation

Externalism and Mental Causation

Externalism and the Theory of Vision

Externalism and Computation

Externalism and Self-Knowledge

Narrow Content

The Extended Mind

Content Internalism and Externalism, Misc

Naturalizing Mental Content

Information-Based Accounts of Mental Content

Asymmetric-Dependence Accounts of Mental Content

Causal Accounts of Mental Content, Misc

Teleological Accounts of Mental Content

Inferentialist Accounts of Meaning and Content

Interpretivist Accounts of Meaning and Content

Naturalizing Mental Content, Misc

The Nature of Contents

Fregean and Russellian Contents

Indexical Contents

Intentional Objects

Object-Dependent Contents

Two-Dimensionalism about Content

The Nature of Contents, Misc

Aspects of Intentionality

Naturalism and Intentionality


Explanatory Role of Content

Collective Intentionality

Aspects of Intentionality, Misc


The Concept of Representation

Varieties of Representation

Theories of Representation

Skepticism about Representations

Representation, Misc