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Compiled by David Chalmers (Editor) and David Bourget (Assistant Editor), Australian National University.
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5.1. Mental States (Mental States on PhilPapers)


Attention and Consciousness

Attention, Misc

The Nature of Attention


Belief, Misc

Collective Belief

De Re Belief

The Nature of Belief

Tacit and Dispositional Belief

Bodily Experience

Bodily Awareness

Bodily Experience, Misc

Bodily Sensations


Desire as Belief

Desire-Satisfaction Theories of Well-Being

Pleasure and Desire

Theories of Desire, Misc

Desire, Misc


Dreams, Misc

The Nature of Dreaming


Theories of Emotion

Somatic and Feeling Theories of Emotion

Perceptual Theories of Emotion

Cognitive Theories of Emotions

Theories of Emotion, Misc

Varieties of Emotion

Varieties of Emotion, Misc

Classifying Emotions

Emotions and Appraisals

Emotions and Feelings


Aspects of Emotion

Knowledge of Emotion

Emotional Expression

Aspects of Emotion, Misc

Emotion and Reason

Objects and Contents of Emotions

Emotions, Misc

Mental Imagery


Imaginative Resistance

Imagination and Imagery

Imagination and Pretense

Imagination, Misc


Epistemology of Memory

Memory and Cognitive Science

Memory, Misc

The Nature of Memory

Mental Actions


The Concept of Pain

Location of Pain

Pain and Pain Experience

Pain and Perception

Pain, Misc

Pain and Mental Objects


Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure, Misc

The Value of Pleasure

Thought and Thinking

Mental States, Misc