From a conference on "Understanding Consciousness" held by the Human Brain Project in Barcelona on June 21-22.

johan storm introducing the conference

the consciousness family tree seems to involve all-male reproduction

current neurology is doing a little better

kathinka evers on consciousness as an intrinsic brain property

ned block's reductio ad absurdem of HOT.

is the conference an illusion?

taking a stab at the meta-problem

larissa albantakis on IIT

j.p. changeux on global workspace theory

panel discussion

Ned Block, Larissa Albantakis

Johan Frederik Storm, Jean-Pierre Changeux

Yair Pinto

johan storm's poster on the meta-problem

Jean-Pierre Changeux, Claudia Passos

Adrien Doerig

Cyriel Pennartz

Catherine Tallon-Baudry

Naotsugu Tsuchiya

wolf singer's solution to the meta-problem

Rodolfo Llinás

Rodolfo Llinás

Matthew Crosby

Johan Frederik Storm, David Chalmers, Claudia Passos, Ned Block, Catherine Tallon-Baudry

Melanie Wilke, Catherine Tallon-Baudry

Rodolfo Llinás, Mavi Sanchez Vives, Johan Frederik Storm

Kathinka Evers

Ned Block, Naotsugu Tsuchiya

Melanie Wilke

Larissa Albantakis, Johan Frederik Storm, Karl Friston

Mavi Sanchez Vives, Rodolfo Llinás, Wolf Singer, Alain Destexhe

Emery Brown, Karl Friston, Johan Frederik Storm

this could be the start of a beautiful friendship

Alain Destexhe

Karl Friston

Karl Friston

Jean-Pierre Changeux

Cyriel Pennartz

Jean-Pierre Changeux

Cyriel Pennartz

Johan Frederik Storm, Wolf Singer

Jean-Pierre Changeux, Rodolfo Llinás

Olivia Gosseries

Nicholas D. Schiff

Steven Laureys, Kathinka Evers, Cyriel Pennartz

Melanie Wilke

Olaf Blanke

Olaf Blanke, Melanie Wilke, Emery Brown, Nicholas D. Schiff, Olivia Gosseries

Melanie Wilke, Johan Frederik Storm

Kathinka Evers

steven laureys with volunteer patient

Steven Laureys

group photo

Johan Frederik Storm

Claudia Passos, Cyriel Pennartz, Mavi Sanchez Vives, Johan Frederik Storm, David Chalmers, Mel J. Slater

Mel J. Slater

Mel slater, Mavi Sanchez Vives

sagrada familia

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