From a "Consciousness at the Beach" workshop, held at the ANU Kioloa Beach campus, on August 11-14, 2006.

To the beach

Barry Dainton and Adam Pautz

Crab catchers: Richard Chappell, Istvan Aranyosi, Aisling Crean, Jens Christian Bjerring, Yuri Cath, Kelly Roe

Daniel Stoljar and Tim Bayne

Istvan Aranyosi

Kelly Roe and David Bourget

Seminar room

Gretchen McGhie and Chris Hill

Adam Pautz, Fiona Macpherson, Bill Fish

With Alex Byrne

Aisling and Yuri

Gretchen and JC

Alex and Adam

Adam, JC, Richard, Aisling

Aisling and Carl


Fireside: Bill, Fiona, Barry, Yuri, Tim

Contemplating the ontology of fire

The fire in itself

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