russian cognitive science conference on the home turf of kant and mrs. putin

the artworks on the left and right are delightfully odd

dan dennett

a few seconds later the smaller sweet-looking woman berated me for giving an unscientific talk -- "i learned more about the singularity from the wikipedia article than from your lecture"

terry deacon and susan dennett

marius in action

dan engages in some amber art

terry deacon and friend

bipin indurkhya and friend

the conference was sponsored by mrs. putin...

some of mrs. putin's helpers

at the fancy reception with conference insiders

dan and susan

terry and dan

more amber art (kaliningrad is the world amber capital)

they do seem to appreciate kant in kaliningrad

note the bird on kant's head

the robot building (the unoccupyable "house of the soviets", built in the 1970s on the site of the old castle in the center of the city) -- one of the world's great buildings

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