From the Conference on A Priori in La Pietra, Florence, June 2013

The Paulmobile — Paul Horwich and Paul Boghossian

Stephen Schiffer, Dan Waxman, Erica Shumener, Ian Grubb, Yu Guo and Martín Abreu Zavaleta

Kit Fine and Josh Schechter

Paul Horwich, Josh Schechter and Paul Boghossian

Mario De Caro

Christopher Peacocke, Jane Friedman and Kit Fine

Dan Waxman, Martín Abreu Zavaleta, Erica Shumener and Jane Friedman

YuGuo and Claudia Passos

Dan Waxman, Jane Friedman and Erica Shumener

YuGuo and Martín Abreu Zavaleta

Amia Srinivasan, John Bengson and Daniela Dover

Timothy Williamson and Alice Williamson

Josh Schechter, Christopher Peacocke and Amia Srinivasan.

Daniela Dover and Mario De Caro

Christopher Peacocke

Roger White, Ian Grubb, Marcus Giaquinto and Timothy Williamson

Daniela Dover, Josh Schechter and John Bengson

Christopher Peacocke and Robin Jeshion-Nelson

Timothy Williamson, Alice Williamson and Paolo Leonardi

John Bengson

Marcus Giaquinto

NYU Mafia meeting — Kit Fine, Paul Boghossian and Stephen Schiffer

Paul Boghossian and Stephen Schiffer

Kit Fine and Christopher Peacocke

Josh Schechter

Mario De Caro and Crispin Wright

Paolo Leonardi and Kit Fine


Robin Jeshion-Nelson

Ian Grubb and Martín Abreu Zavaleta

Josh Schechter

Christopher Peacocke, Jane Friedman, Amia Srinivasan and Timothy Williamson

Paul Horwich

Josh Schechter, Jim Pryor, Timothy Williamson and Paul Boghossian

D. Garrett

Timothy Williamson and Paul Boghossian

Timothy Williamson and Paul Boghossian

John Bengson, Christopher Peacocke and Stephen Schiffer

Amia Srinivasan

Amia Srinivasan, Kit Fine and Jane Friedman

Paul Horwich and Erica Shumener

Jim Pryor

Paolo Leonardi

With Roger White

With Claudia Passos

Claudia Passos

Roger White

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