From the Carnap Lectures in Bochum and Carnap/Christo tourism nearby, May 2013.

The Zen Garden at the University of Bochum

Albert Newen in the Zen garden

The iconic parking garage at the University of Bochum

CTW taskforce

Benjamin on acquaintance

Antonella Mallozzion the That's-All fact

The waiter scores a direct hit on Benjamin Andrae

Inga Vermeulen is amused

Rob and Tobias too

The waiter is apologetic

XX and YY

Lor Enza and Steve Woodworth

XX and YY

they take Carnap seriously in the ruhr@@gebiet

outside the Oberhausen Gasometer

on top of the Gasometer

inside the Gasometer looking out at Christo's big air package

Christo's contribution to the constructing the world

inside the Big Air Package

Antonella Mallozzi at Gasometer Oberhausen

Benjamin Andrae, Antonella Mallozzi, Inga Vermeulen and Joseph Cartaphilus at Gasometer Oberhausen


more world construction

XX and YY

turns out the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is "What was the street number of Carnap's house?"

Carnap's house!

being photographed as a "Britpop star" for Hohe Luft magazine


XX, YY and Jens Kipper

XX, YY and ZZ

last Carnap lecture

XX and YY

XX and YY

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