From the Toward a Science of Consciousness conference at Tucson, Arizona, April 9-14, 2012.

Nick Day




Pär Sundström and Geoff Lee


Anna Farennikova

Tonietta Walters

Geoff Lee and Stephen Barker

Felix Leung, Yao-Wen Hsieh, H.m. Chin, Ting-An Lin and 郭凌峰

Tony H. Y. Cheng

David Rosenthal

Mélanie Boly

Mélanie Boly and Steven Laureys

Pär Sundström, Mélanie Boly and Steven Laureys

Nick Day and Sascha Seifert

Stuart Hameroff

Berit Brogaard and Bob Kentridge

XX and Alea Skwara

Lidell Simpson and Hasmukh Taylor

XX and YY

XX and YY

XX and Stuart Hameroff

XX and YY

Tony H. Y. Cheng and Benj Hellie

XX, YY and ZZ

Hakwan Lau and Mélanie Boly

Benj Hellie, Tamar Weber and Geoff Lee

Philip Goff, Hedda Hassel Mørch and Sam Coleman

Hannah Bondurant and Hedda Hassel Mørch

Bruce Mangan and Bob Kentridge

David Carmel and Mélanie Boly




XX and YY


Sky Nelson and XX

Philip Goff

Benj Hellie

Sheryl Attig

Stephen Whitmarsh, Czarina Salido and Will Reid

Hannah Bondurant and Berit Brogaard

Mélanie Boly

Berit Brogaard, Tonietta Walters, Greg Garvey, Lidell Simpson, David Carmel, Alea Skwara, Mélanie Boly and Hannah Bondurant

Stephen Whitmarsh and Amit Moses

Farid Masrour and Geoff Lee

Kenneth Williford and David Pitt

Nick Day

Kristian Marlow, John Camacho, Matt Keeler and Berit Brogaard

Katherine MacLean and Benj Hellie

Caitlin Awalt and Matt Keeler

Tonietta Walters

Berit Brogaard, Hannah Bondurant and Paul King

Kenneth Williford

XX and Geoff Lee

Kathryn Welch and Berit Brogaard

Miguel Angel Sebastian and Benj Hellie

Geoff Lee

Philip Goff and Geoff Lee

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