From the AAP Conference at the University of Wollongong, July 1st-6th, 2012.

north wollongong beaches, from my hotel room

Michael Smith and David Braddon-Mitchell

Inga Vermeulen and Wolfgang Schwarz

XX and Steffi Lewis

XX and YY

David Braddon-Mitchell

Weng Hong Tang and Holly Lawfid-Smiff

John Maier and Wolfgang Schwarz

stewart candlish conducts the AJP quiz

peter menzies and his first-prize ipad

failing grade

Jonathan Farrell, Ben Fraser and Edward Elliott

Emily Parke, Paul Boswell, Daniel J. Singer and Rohan Sud

arizona rach(a)els

Alan Hájek and XX

XX, Alan Hájek, Daniel Stoljar and YY

XX and YY

XX and YY

XX and Jon Simon

Daniel Nolan, Daniel Stoljar and Jon Simon

Toby Handfield and Alan Hájek

XX, YY and ZZ

XX, YY and ZZ

john maier introducing my talk

Alexandra Varlakov and Alexander Sandgren

Alan Hájek and Amanda MacAskill



Greg Restall

Jennifer Carr and Paolo Santorio

Holly Lawfid-Smiff, Matthew Hammerton and Jonathan Farrell

XX and YY

Jonathan Farrell, Michael Couch, Adrian Currie and Alexander Sandgren

XX and John Maier

Adrian Currie


XX and YY

Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott

lunch at the buddhist temple

xeny and otto

cow food


Denis Robinson

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