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Rio crime report: we were standing peacefully in Praça XV when we were suddenly set upon by a large grey rubber cube tumbling rapidly in our direction. We ducked out of the way just in time. It proceeded to rampage through the square knocking over tables and chairs before being intercepted by a food truck. Fortunately no one seems to have been seriously hurt. Here is the cube (partially deflated) being hauled away by the authorities

Packed house at Olympic stadium for the women's 1500m semifinals

Usain Bolt wins gold

Brazilian father's day beach selfie

Australia leads! (27-24 in first quarter against the US)

the great kohei uchimura nails dismount from the high bars to come from behind in the last round and take all-around gold

row Z of the top tier at the beach volleyball is a bit further from the action, but the view is spectacular

apologies for distracting serena, venus, and novak with our presence at their first-round olympic matches tonight

warm day at the beach volleyball (forza mexico!)

with apologies for rampant nationalism (and someone has to do something about that flag), but: it was a good night in the pool for the aussies

"nothing says brazil like a bunch of silver space aliens" -- professor Hájek

it begins

found this photo from 1982 in my parents' basement: me at 16 with my first apple II computer.

uber backseat selfie en route to Matt's 50th

with spener-sturgeons

with david dubrovsky, age 87, who fought for russia in WW2 and wrote pioneering papers in the 1960s (then unknown in the west) on functionalism and the link between information and consciousness, themes he's still pursuing today

on the Moscow river on Dmitry Volkov's yacht, sailing past the Kremlin

Claudia Passos speaking about newborns' experience of agency in the (rather beautiful) moscow center for consciousness studies

hanging with fernando pessoa

on beautiful drive through yorkshire dales when this chap steps in the way

Robbie Williams asks for a little respect

stanley fish, robert rowland smith, joanna kavenna and barry smith on whether truth is eternal

despite the makeup of this panel, the scientific and philosophical consensus suggests that consciousness is not restricted to white men

late night midtown rooftop bar philosophy scene

visiting saul kripke's CUNY seminar on naming and necessity

Kelvin McQueen giving his smash hit plenary talk on consciousness and wave function collapse

first session of the Tucson conference: Anil Seth, Stan Dehaene, and Stu Hameroff on three roads to consciousness

Andrew Lee on the introspectoscope and the deep structure of experience

birthday chair from my siblings -- thanks guys!

thanks for the birthday messages everyone! it was a great day with family in town from australia. here's another pic

chalmers family takes manhattan

alan, bernie, claudia, and dave (admittedly bernie is camouflaged in the distance)

Claudia and i got lost in the museum of natural history for 30 minutes late at night en route to the reception. it was just us and the dinosaurs

kripke questioning williamson during williamson's kripke lecture

pepsi-cola panorama

Laura cuts her tenure cake

sleep no more!

six surrealists

surrealists' night out

good news: after arriving a week early, i gave a hastily scheduled talk at the university of kentucky, thereby scoring state #47. thanks to the kentucky philosophers and students for flexibility and a great discussion

hudson valley snowscape

palm beach boxing day partial family selfie

old friends at independence hall

Alva Noë and Gabrielle Starr debating whether neuroscience can explain art

packed house for bayesian brain at nyu

feliz bodas de ouro (happy golden wedding anniversary) to Claudia's parents Firmino and Sonia Ferreira - celebrating with their children and grandchildren in Rio de Janeiro

parabens para você minha Claudia!

selfie with moon and christ

Emile, Njeri Thande, Claudia, Jason Stanley and Daniel Stoljar

Njeri Thande and Jason Stanley

Congrats to Неdda Мørсh, NYU postdoc extraordinaire, for gold medal from the king of norway for best dissertation at the university of oslo in 2014, on panpsychism and causation

one-eyed selfie with hudson river and moss-dorrs

in the anechoic chamber

breakfast with emile

Erica and Martín, just married (and reenacting their first date)

a big moment in the history of philosophy: tom nagel's first selfie

Trenton Merricks receives an objection from his son Will

Andy Clark, Patricia Churchland, and Claudia Passos

with Patricia Churchland in helsinki

Jason Stanley, launching

Chelsea Rosenthal on substantive and procedural moral oughts

Lisa Miracchi (what a philosopher looks like) on hitchcock movies as a guide to consciousness

new house in the woods!

David Papineau arguing against representationalism

nyu lunch talk: jim pryor on the merits of incoherence

in betty mohler's virtual reality lab in tübingen

sledding on chäserrugg

happy cancun christmas

packed house for the NYU debate on top-down effects on perception (gary lupyan pro, brian scholl con, ned block chairing, marisa carrasco asking the question)

parabéns pra você Claudia Passos

canberra -> nyc. canberra: thanks for a great ten years and a great send-off, and see you soon. nyc: looking forward to a beautiful friendship

Claudia Passos on ABC radio talking about empathy

high-phi kangaroo-spotting oscar selfie

força australia!

iguazu rainbow selfie


4/20 in yuma. (thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!)

edward snowden speaking at TED via "beambot", with tim berners-lee asking him questions

Claudia Passos

Claudia Passos


intrepid forders of the wild molonglo river

with dr. cusbert and dr. mcqueen (and the glorious prof. Hájek)

shirt over t-shirt! bought it from a covent garden shirt shop after ted honderich's club wouldn't let me in.

Patricia Churchland speaking at the NYU workshop on the brain mapping initiatives

Gravidade 3D

digital research on "metaphysical possibility" (with bob hale, scott shalkowski, and christian nimtz in lyon)

masters of intuition

john, paul, george, ringo, philip, and dave

architecture singapore-style


phenomenal concepts on the rooftop in rio

great chilean poets: stoljar and neruda

music in a little courtyard in the hills over valparaiso

liz smart scattering jack's ashes in namadgi national park

12:12:12 on 12/12/12 at 12 E 12th

quite a few trees down in the west village

ok, maybe the umbrella wasn't such a good idea

frank jackson in the black-and-white(ish) room

sunset over the ashokan reservoir outside woodstock

new baby


formerly undetached hair parts

from a hot air balloon at dawn over cappadocia

upside down in cappadocia

eating brains in istanbul

thanks zoe for the new birthday wardrobe!

al on philosophical heuristics in elliot's creativity seminar (robbie advocates copernican revolution as a heuristic)

with sider, stalnaker, stanley in m&l seminar

with ted sider and saul kripke at nyu mind and language seminar

large afternoon tea

Desperately clawing the elevator door

with zombie twin

on ABC radio talking about the metaphysics of pokemon go

asimov debate at the american museum of natural history on "is the universe a simulation", with neil degrasse tyson, lisa randall, jim gates, Max Tegmark, and zohreh davoudi. this is the point at which i was saying "i know how much you like philosophers, neil".

tom nagel and tom stoppard at the opening of "the hard problem". it turns out they were born within one day of each other in belgrade and prague in 1937

sarah-jane leslie (giving the annual NYU diversity lecture) on gender stereotypes in the X-files

bold rationalist hypothesis: necessity is grounded in airports. (autocorrect apparently rejects "apriority" on quinean grounds.) pic courtesy of Keith Wilson at the excellent glasgow conference on emergence and grounding

with marcus hutter and his homemade virtual reality headset

RIP david armstrong (july 8, 1926 - may 13, 2014)

on stage with gareth evans

P.M.S. Hacker

Michael Strevens and P.M.S. Hacker

papagayo sunset

philosophers do the wave (led by Shieva Kleinschmidt commenting on Jonathan Schaffer's talk)

samba stoljar-style

samba from the hillside in rio

christmas 1973

last night in nyc: second row seats for leonard cohen in brooklyn

why use philjobs? see http://philjobs.org/job/whyphiljobs

investigating the reef for signs of consciousness

hot tub philosophy paper

spent the day sailing around the island of ithaca. dropped anchor and swam ashore here at a beautiful deserted beach unreachable by road

had a five-hour stopover in athens airport so dropped by the acropolis

we have a winner! here's the final cover (intermediate between the last two). thanks, everyone, for the feedback.

time and unity workshop at harvard (with giant floating head)

at the Taj Mahal

miranda fricker talking at NYU about responsibility for implicit attitudes

susanna and ezra on the hudson

italy wins!

selfie with bride and groom

just gave a talk in state #46. four to go!

alan turing's office at bletchley park

world's oldest working computer: the harwell dekatron (from 1947) at bletchley park

my track record as the predictor in newcomb's problem: 36 of my 53 two-box predictions were correct; 13 of my 17 one-box predictions were correct. put differently, the 40 2-boxers averaged $1.50 each (36*1 + 4*6) while the 30 1-boxers averaged $2.17 each (17*0 + 13*5). 1-boxing for the win! (or at least, for the money.)

bet you never expected to see these two together: kevin rudd and antonio damasio at an NYU workshop on philosophy and culture in an east-west context. (kev: "the third concentric circle represents, frankly, a kantian approach to culture.")

zip line at the arenal volcano in costa rica

australian philosophers give thanks

happy 72nd birthday to saul

at dinner after the kripke lecture

ok, this collapsed facade around the corner is sort of dramatic

bloomington, indiana. first time in sixteen years

kris mcdaniel in action at nyu

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