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"nothing says brazil like a bunch of silver space aliens" -- professor Hájek

stanley fish, robert rowland smith, joanna kavenna and barry smith on whether truth is eternal

despite the makeup of this panel, the scientific and philosophical consensus suggests that consciousness is not restricted to white men

late night midtown rooftop bar philosophy scene

visiting saul kripke's CUNY seminar on naming and necessity

Kelvin McQueen giving his smash hit plenary talk on consciousness and wave function collapse

palm beach boxing day partial family selfie

Njeri Thande and Jason Stanley

in the anechoic chamber

breakfast with emile

in betty mohler's virtual reality lab in tübingen

with dr. cusbert and dr. mcqueen (and the glorious prof. hajek)

shirt over t-shirt! bought it from a covent garden shirt shop after ted honderich's club wouldn't let me in.

john, paul, george, ringo, philip, and dave

music in a little courtyard in the hills over valparaiso

liz smart scattering jack's ashes in namadgi national park

thanks zoe for the new birthday wardrobe!

large afternoon tea

Desperately clawing the elevator door

with zombie twin

on ABC radio talking about the metaphysics of pokemon go

bold rationalist hypothesis: necessity is grounded in airports. (autocorrect apparently rejects "apriority" on quinean grounds.) pic courtesy of Keith Wilson at the excellent glasgow conference on emergence and grounding

with marcus hutter and his homemade virtual reality headset

RIP david armstrong (july 8, 1926 - may 13, 2014)

on stage with gareth evans

P.M.S. Hacker

Michael Strevens and P.M.S. Hacker

philosophers do the wave (led by Shieva Kleinschmidt commenting on Jonathan Schaffer's talk)

christmas 1973

had a five-hour stopover in athens airport so dropped by the acropolis

time and unity workshop at harvard (with giant floating head)

alan turing's office at bletchley park

world's oldest working computer: the harwell dekatron (from 1947) at bletchley park

bet you never expected to see these two together: kevin rudd and antonio damasio at an NYU workshop on philosophy and culture in an east-west context. (kev: "the third concentric circle represents, frankly, a kantian approach to culture.")

zip line at the arenal volcano in costa rica

happy 72nd birthday to saul

at dinner after the kripke lecture

ok, this collapsed facade around the corner is sort of dramatic

bloomington, indiana. first time in sixteen years

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