Photos from various parties:

Other parties:

End of Consciousness party 2000: With Liane Gabora and dangerous candles

Animation of the above, courtesy of Sue Blackmore (who took the photos)

End of Century party: Bob Dylan

End of Century party: Masters and Johnson (Milinda and Stefan Sciaraffa)

End of Century party: Paul Bocuse (Keith Lehrer)

End of Century party: Dorothy Parker (India Morrison)

End of Century party: Marilyn Monroe

Grinch party

Grinch party: Laurie Paul and Marga Reimer (background: Kieran Healy and Jenann Ismael)

Grinch party: Maddy, Ingrid, and Rachael

Me with (another) camera

End of Summer party: Iranians

End of Summer party: Jonathan Vanballenberghe, Sharon Wahl, Jenann Ismael

End of Summer party: Mitch Porter and Doug Campbell

End of 2001 party: With Joel Martinez

End of 2001 party: Tim Bayne

End of 2001 party: Original members of KISS (sans makeup)

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