Constructing The World: Extended Edition

David Chalmers

My book Constructing the World was published in October 2012. In the final stages I decided to omit one chapter and four excursuses from the printed version, mainly on the grounds that the book is long already (500 pages even without that material). Instead I left that material for an online extended edition, which can be found here. The relevant material is in chapter 9 and excursuses 18-21 at the bottom of this page.

Table of Contents


How to Read this Book

1. Scrutability and the Aufbau

2. Varieties of Scrutability

3. Adventures with a Cosmoscope

4. The Case for A Priori Scrutability

5. Revisability and Conceptual Change

6. Hard Cases

7. Minimizing the Base

8. The Structure of the World

9. Verbal Disputes and Philosophical Progress.