Consciousness Isle

by anonymous

(sung to the tune of “Gilligan’s Isle”)


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale

of six weeks gone too soon

They started in this seaside town

on the 24th of June

(on the 24th of June)


Bill Lycan was the first to speak

His talk was filled with “woos”

Tye talked to us of unity

and Sydney changed his views

(Sydney changed his views)


“We can’t know what we’re thinking,”

said Dretske in his speech

while Peacocke talked of diamonds

and played frisbee on the beach

(frisbee on the beach)


Galen spoke of “mini-me’s”

And Brian went oblique

A trip down to the boardwalk

ended the third week

(ended the third week)


Jackson’s recantation—

Hands and fingers flew.

The PowerPoint kept breaking down

And so did Ned Block’s view

(as he surely would say too)


(Key Change)


Searle had good one-liners

He used them with such flair

Bob was big on Sellars

And had big facial hair

(though Lycan’s does compare)


Susan was dynamic

As she took an “aha” poll

McGinn was atomistic

Though the surfing took its toll

(the surfing took its toll)


Sea Cloud drinks at 5 o’clock

Red room drinks at 10

Burritos, beer, and coffee

Repeat above again

(Repeat above again)



Parties at the Willey house,

a trip to the Mystery Spot,

Dave’s omnipresent camera

He hardly missed a shot

(He hardly missed a shot)




Dave and David brought us here

for a 6-week Institute

With Consciousness


Do they supervene?

Zombies and

Brains-in Vats

Here at Consciousness Isle