Panpsychism on the Reef

A workshop on the combination problem for panpsychism, to be held on Lady Elliot Island, July 20-25, 2012.

Island Information

See Lady Elliot Island website and especially the FAQ.


Essential Background Readings Optional Background Readings Read-in-Advance Papers Program

Friday, July 20

1:30pm Arrive Lady Elliot Island (on 1pm flight from Hervey Bay)

4pm David Chalmers, The combination problem for panpsychism (and opening discussion)

Saturday, July 21

Morning: Glass-bottomed boat tour

1:30pm Galen Strawson, Facing down the combination problem

3:15pm Philip Goff, Inflationary forms of Russellian monism / The multiple location hypothesis

5pm Liane Gabora, Amplifying phenomenal information

Sunday, July 22

1:30pm Sam Coleman, The real combination problem: Panpsychism, microsubjects, and emergence

3:15pm Michelle Montague, Subjectivity and panpsychism

5pm Geoff Lee, Phenomenal deflationism and the combination problem

Monday, July 23

1:30pm Gregg Rosenberg, Causality and the combination problem

3:15pm Hedda Morch, The causal theory of panpsychist combination

5pm Jon Simon, Mixed feelings about the combination problem: A defense of quasi-constitutive panpsychism

Tuesday, July 24

1:30pm Pat Lewtas, Building minds: Solving the combination problem

3:15pm Brentyn Ramm, Panperspectivism and the compounding of consciousness

5pm Keith Turausky, Picturing panpsychism

Wednesday, July 25

1-3pm: Closing discussion

4pm: Depart Lady Elliot Island (arrive Bundaberg 4:30pm)