People with online papers in philosophy

Compiled by David Chalmers

This page is no longer updated. Its function has been taken over by the list of personal pages tracked at PhilPapers.

This is a list of individuals who have made available online papers in philosophy and related areas. This practice is very much to be encouraged! Note that this list concentrates mostly on academic philosophers, although some scientists and others in related fields are included. Thanks to Ming Tan of Melbourne University for his regular help in updating this directory.

Index: Consciousness | Perception | Content | Mind | AI | CogSci | Action/Will | Language | Linguistics | Truth | Modality | Causation/Laws | Time | Objects/Identity | Metaphysics | Knowledge/Skepticism | Justification | Formal Epistemology | Social Epistemology | Epistemology | Physics | Biology | Science | Decision | Logic | Math | Religion | Meta-Ethics | Normative Ethics | Social/Political | Economics | Law | Gender/Race | Applied Ethics | Aesthetics | Ancient | Asian | Medieval | 17th/18th British | 17th/18th European | Kant | 19th/20th Analytic | 19th/20th Continental | Cognitive Scientists | Others

Philosophy of consciousness

Philosophy of perception

Philosophy of content

Philosophy of mind (miscellaneous)

Philosophy of artificial intelligence

Philosophy of cognitive science

Philosophy of action and will

Philosophy of language

Philosophy of linguistics

Philosophy of truth (including vagueness)

Philosophy of modality

Philosophy of causation and laws

Philosophy of time

Philosophy of objects and identity

Metaphysics (miscellaneous)

Philosophy of knowledge and skepticism

Philosophy of justification (including apriority and rationality)

Social epistemology

Formal epistemology (including confirmation theory)

Epistemology (miscellaneous)

Philosophy of physics

Philosophy of biology

Philosophy of science

Decision theory (including game theory)

Philosophy of logic

Philosophy of mathematics

Philosophy of religion


Normative ethics

Social and political philosophy

Philosophy of economics

Philosophy of law

Philosophy of gender and race

Applied ethics


Ancient Greek philosophy

Asian philosophy

Medieval philosophy

17th and 18th century philosophy: British

17th and 18th century philosophy: European

17th and 18th century philosophy: Kant

19th and 20th century philosophy: Analytic and Anglo-American (including American pragmatism)

19th and 20th century philosophy: Continental

"Philosophical" cognitive scientists

Other interesting individuals

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