Photos from an afternoon party for my 47th birthday in Canberra, April 2013.

Robert Kirby, Carl Brusse, Leon Leontyev, Christopher Lean, Vanessa Beanland, Daniel Nolan and Stephanie Goodhew

Julius Stoljar, Marcus Hutter, Shauna Winram, Helen Keane, Kelvin McQueen and XX


Brave swimmers Christina and Alma emerge from the pool

Christina van Dyke, Alma Barner -->

Robert Kirby, Vanessa Beanland and Inga Vermeulen

Alma Barner, Ana Teresa González, Iván Gonzalez Cabrera, and Christina Van Dyke

Alex Sandgren, Leon Leontyev and Wolfgang Schwarz

Jo and Paul Francis

Wolfgang and Marcus Hutter

Julius Stoljar

Helen Keane and Helen Way

Caroline and Carl Brusse

2 on 3 tennis

This racquet was not wholly predictable

Leon Stoljar

Entering the hallucinatory portion of the party

Kirsty Pat Douglas

Jon Simon and David Mathers

Christina told me that this is called a "selfie"

Marcus, Kirsty and Helen


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