From the Australasian Association of Philosophy meeting in Sydney, July 2005.

Jack Smart and David Armstrong

Charles Pigden and Colin Cheyne

Al and Renee Hájek

Ted Sider, Laurie Paul, et al

Amie Thomasson and Peter Lewis

Ken Taylor and Karen Neander

Drew Khlentzos and Denis Robinson

Michael Smith and Mazviita Chirimuuta

Garrett Cullity and Tim Oakley

Peter Forrest

John Bigelow and Plato

David Armstrong and Richard Swinburne

John Bacon, Roger White, Stephen Hetherington

A fifth-order thought: Sam Minett, Kenny Easwaran, Justin Fisher, David Braddon-Mitchell, Mike Bruno, and Denis Robinson

Karen Riley and Selim Berker doing the Holy Negative Existential

Gillian Russell and Kenny Easwaran

Lauren Ashwell and Philip Goff

Ben Blumson and Jacek Brzozowski

Materialist-Dualist Showdown: With Karen Bennett

Gill Russell in action

Daniel Nolan, Marcello Antosh, Karen Riley, Sharon Ford

Cathy Legg and Al Mele

Jenny Armstrong and Bill Lycan

Ken Taylor, Kiyoshi, Claire Yoshida

Steffi Lewis addressing the Philosophy Joke contest

Roger White, Mark Colyvan, Peter Anstey, Caroline West, Daniel Nolan

With Jenny Armstrong and Stewart Candlish

The Karen Sketch: (right-to-left) Karen Neander, Karen Bennett, Karen Riley, and Steffi Lewis (filling in for Karens Green and Jones)

Victoria Park fountain

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