From the Australasian Association of Philosophy meeting at ANU (and surrounding events), July 2006.

Ruth Millikan and Frank Jackson

David Armstrong and Jack Smart

Frances Kamm and John Kleinig

Anna Bjurman and Adam Pautz

Laura Schroeter and Roy Perrett

Bruce Langtry and Steffi Lewis

With Graham Nerlich (my first lecturer in philosophy)

Michael Smith in action

Thomas Pogge and Zhenming Zhai

Matt Weiner and Seth Yalcin

Mark Colyvan and Graham Oppy

Michael Brady, Bill Fish, Fiona Macpherson

Daniel Stoljar and Dominic Hyde

Al Hájek, Paul Griffiths, Karola Stotz, Renee Hájek, Tilly

My end-of-conference party: With Jenny Armstrong

Kate Manne and Aidan Lyon

Ant Eagle and Gillian Russell

Deena Skolnick and Michael Weisberg

Jonathan Schaffer and Brendan Jackson

Mike Bruno and Koji Tanaka

Bronwyn Finnigan and Denis Robinson

Graham Priest and Maren Kruger

Surprise for David Armstrong

Halfway through 80 candles

The last 40

David and Jenny

Friday Night Fever


Lina Eriksson, Jake Beck, Andy Egan, Mike Titelbaum

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