From the Australasian Association of Philosophy meeting in Melbourne, July 5-10, 2009.

Ed Zalta and John Bigelow

Karen Jones and Greg Restall

Matthias Frisch and Jeremy Butterfield

Eric Schwitzgebel and Cynthia Townley

Martin Leckey and Philip Catton

Allan Hazen and Su Rogerson

Ali Kerr and Kevin Scharp

Becky the astronaut/painter

Calvin Normore, Deb Brown, Laura Schroeter

Daniel Nolan in action

David Braddon-Mitchell and Helen Beebee

Ed Zalta and Max Cresswell

Stephan Leuenberger, Brian Rabern, Clas Weber, Peter Fritz, Paolo Santorio

Frank Jackson and Rob Wilson

Gabe Rabin, Brian Rabern, Clas Weber

JC Beall and Kristie Miller

Jeremy Butterfield, Simon Blackburn, Kit Fine

Michael Lynch and Robbie Williams

Ming Tan and Rob Wilson

Paolo Santorio and Rachael Briggs

Peter Slezak and Nir Fresco

AAP AGM: Graham Priest, Peter Menzies, Eliza Goddard

Mark Jago and Alison Fernandes

With Stewart Saunders and Miri Albahari

Jo Lau and Carl Brusse

Kelvin McQueen and Kelly Roe

Matt Kennedy and Declan Smithies

Ricki Bliss and Fabien Medvecky

Berit Brogaard and Eric Schwitzgebel

Bill Lycan and Jeanette Kennett

Iwao Hirose and Patrick Greenough

Stuart Candlish, Andrew Brennan, Jeff Malpas

Kit Fine and Ed Zalta

Matthias Frisch and Salas Sanchez Bennasar

Garrett Cullity and Cordelia Fine

Antony Eagle and Alexander Bird (Bill Fish nowhere to be found)

Kit Fine, Susanna Schellenberg, Jonathan Schaffer

Steffi Lewis and Al Hájek

Graham's farewell speech

AAP presidents 2005-2009: With Peter Menzies, Sue Dodds, Mark Colyvan, Al Hájek

Rachael Briggs, Kenny Easwaran, Andy Egan singing "A Centred World"

Mise en scene: Rae Langton, Graham Nerlich, Tim Oakley, David Armstrong, John Armstrong, Graham Priest, Rachael, Kenny, Andy

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