From the Australasian Association of Philosophy meeting at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, July 4-9, 2010.

John McDowell and Annette Baier

Al Hájek's presidential address

Sue Dodds and Fiona Jenkins

Graham Priest, Tim Oakley, Al Hájek, Steffi Lewis

Bens: Jeffares, Fraser, Blumson

Alma Barner, Clas Weber, Brian Rabern, Marc Galindo

Elle Benjamin and Maureen Eckert

Dan Greco and Brian Hedden

Tristram Macpherson and Vanessa Schouten

Michaelis Michael and Laura Schroeter

Yasuo Daguchi and Hugh Mellor

John McDowell, Bill Lycan, Annette Baier

Philosophy class and speaker's ball

More philosophy class: Philip Cam et al

Ping-pong with Kelly Trogdon

Ole Koksvik playing pool (with Dana, Ben, Brendan, Brian, Jonathan, Dirk)

Aidan Lyon, Raamy Majeed, Fabian Medvecky, Melissa Ebbers

Mette Hansen and Raamy Majeed

Kelly Trogdon, John Maier, XX

With Dan Marshall, XX, Thomas Whitney

Aidan Lyon, Jonathan Farrell, Jenny Coon, Magdalena Balcerak

The Extended Mind book launch: Richard Menary et al

John Sutton launching the book

Paul Griffiths, Philip Pettit, Huw Price

With Ezra

Philip and Ezra

Jessica Brown and Patrick Greenough

Howard Robinson and Tony Cheng

Max Cresswell and Adrienne Rini

Carsten Hansen, John Bigelow, Denis Robinson

Rachael Briggs and Daniel Nolan

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