Photos from a trip to Adelaide for the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference on July 2-6, 2017

Daniel Stoljar's presidential address on philosophy as synchronic history

Daniel and XX

Backed into a corner on grounding and analyticity by Gillian Russell

Karen Bennett's keynote on relative fundamentality


As my first teacher in the philosophy of mind, Chris Mortensen has a lot to answer for.

Al Hájek on counterfactuals.

We eventually tracked down UT Place's brains amidst the ruins-in-progress of the medical school.

Chris Lawless and Harley Morphett, intrepid local guides

Claudia on infant consciousness

Q&A: Garrett Cullity, Barry Smith, Philip Gerrans and Miri Albahari


With Claudia, Miri Albahari, Al Hájek, Una Stojnic and Katie Steele at Africola

Katie, Una and Al

Miri knew it all along.

Al loads up with food for the grad students.

Claudia and John Bigelow

Gill Russell on deviance and vice

Mohan Matthen on aesthetic pleasure

National Wine Centre

Graham Priest, Jeanette Kennett, Gerard O'Brien and Kim Sterelny

Garrett Cullity and Patrick McGivern

Daniel Muñoz and Eddy Chen (and action-packed background)

Gill, Sam Cumming and Antony Eagle

Heather Browning and David Kinney

Cathy Legg, Steven Clarke and Damian Cox

John Bigelow puts on the crazypants.

Karen sets the record straight on crazypants bajillion thingism.

Dan Marshall asks a question

Miri on the philosophical role of meditation

Philippe Chuard and Lauren Ashwell

Brentyn Ramm leads the audience in experimental phenomenology.


More experimental phenomenology.

Philippe Chuard and Daniel Cohen

Cynthia Freeland and Nancy Sherman

Daniel Stoljar's presidential toast

Daniel congratulates Hayden Wilkinson on AAP postgrad prize.

Adriane Rini and Max Cresswell

Logicians' table: Dave Ripley, Suzy Killmister, Patrick Girard and JC Beall

Adelaide table: Chris Lawless, Matthew Nestor, Laurati May and Harley Morphett

ANU table: Lachlan Walmsley, Jeremy Strasser, Heather Browning, James Willoughby, Nicholas DiBella and Don Nordblom

Gerard O'Brien, Eliza Goddard and Adrian Walsh

Nancy Sherman and Lucy Allais

Daniel and 张文俊

With Graham Nerlich, another Adelaide philosopher with a lot to answer for

Philip Gerrans and Gerard O'Brien

President Daniel Stoljar and president-elect Fred Kroon

Graham Nerlich and Martin Leckey

Al Hájek and Barry Smith

Claudia and Brentyn

Claudia and Miri

James Willoughby and Al

Matt Farr, Milena Ivanova and Paul Oppenheimer

Family get together for Yum Cha: Margie, Jim, Helen, Daniel, Tom, Alison, Rachel, Mike, Theen, and Claudia

Catching up with Theen

Kirsty's place in Willunga

Friday night footy with Mike at Adelaide Oval

Carn the Crows!

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