From a conference on the a priori at the University of Aberdeen, 16-17 June 2012.

Paul Boghossian and Philip Ebert

Paul Boghossian

Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins and Aidan McGlynn

Crispin Wright, Al Casullo, Larry BonJour/p>

Larry BonJour, Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa and Crispin Wright

Martin Smith and Crispin Wright

Andreas Fjellstad and Jon Erling Litland

Crispin and XX

Larry, Crispin, and Paul

Larry and Crispin

With Sònia Roca Royes and Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins

Elisabetta Lalumera

Al Casullo

Ian Rumfitt and Hasen Khudairi

Hasen Khudairi and Grant Reaber

Jon Litland and Iam Rumfitt

Luca Moretti

XX and YY

Philip Ebert and Mikkel Gerken

Casper Storm Hansen and Lauren Ashwell

Crispin and Paul

XX and YY

Magdalena and Brendan Balcerak Jackson


Martin Smith


Mikkel and Magdalena

Mikkel, YY and ZZ

In Aberdeen, both sides of "It's raining iff it'sactually raining" are a priori.

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