From a workshop on Action, Perception, and Consciousness, held at NYU on October 30-31, 2009.

Panel: (from right) Ned Block, Frederique de Vignemont, Susan Carey, Chris Peacocke, Amanda Woodward, Pierre Jacob

Tom Nagel and Chris Peacocke

With Farid Masrour and Tim Bayne

Paul Boghossian and Jesse Prinz

Imogen Dickie

Richard Brown and Benji Kozuch

Susan Carey and Pierre Jacob

Andy Clark and Tim Bayne

Mel Goodale, Hakwan Lau, Amanda Woodward, Patrick Haggard

Hakwan, Amanda, Patrick

Mel, Patrick

Paul Chen and Uriah Kriegel

Farid, Susan, Benji

Patrick and Hakwan

Manhattan skyline from Frederique's roof

Andy, Jesse, Ned

Jon Simon and Gina Rini

Jonny Cottrell, Elliot Paul, Tamara Day, Grace Helton


Sebastian Watzl, Kati Balog, Hakwan Lau

Frederique de Vignemont and rubber hand

Frederique and Roy Blumenfeld

Mel and Ned

Jesse and Ben Young

David Rosenthal

Andy, Dr. Who, and Dalek

Ernie and Bert

Hakwan and Ka

Halloween parade

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