Photos from a conference on Animal Consciousness at NYU on November 17-18, 2017

Warming up

Opening the conference

Opening session on evolution of consciousness: Peter Godfrey-Smith on Nosferatu octopus

Todd Feinberg on the evolution of consciousness

Andrew Barron on bee consciousness

Eva Jablonka on associative learning as the key to the evolution of consciousness

Rogues gallery in the front row: Eva Jablonka, Tom Nagel, Ned Block, et al

Light shines on Dan Dennett

Panel: Eva, Peter, Todd, Andrew

Do fish feel pain?: Victoria Braithwaite says yes

Stuart Derbyshire says no

Colin Allen adjudicates

Panel: Colin, Stuart, Victoria

Tom Nagel questions

Jane Friedman questions

Brian McLaughlin and Michael Tye

Peter Singer

Audience for Peter Singer

Marian Dawkins on consciousness flirting

Lori Gruen on caution about comparisons

Full house for animal ethics session

Matthew Liao

Anja Jauernig questions

Baba Brinkman's animal consciousness rap

Baba and audience

Tom Nagel and Peter Singer

Ned Block and Colin Allen

Peter Carruthers and Stuart Derbyshire

Jeff Sebo, Dale Jamieson and Lori Gruen

Marian Dawkins and Victoria Braithwaite

David Edelman, Bjørn Merker, Peter Godfrey-Smith and Luke Muehlhauser

Ned Block and Paul Boghossian

A Tom and two Peters

Peter Carruthers on degrees of consciousness

Heather Berlin and Bjørn Merker

Bjørn argues with Tom

Michael Tye's on-off switch

Michael comes out as a dualist sympathizer

Jon Simon on whether consciousness has borderline cases

With Heather Berlin, Jon Simon, Dan Dennett

Diana Reiss on dolphin self-consciousness

Dolphins enter the 21st century

Brian Hare on dognition

Joe LeDoux on fear and FEAR

Dale Jamieson moderates panel

Dan, Ned, Heather, et al

Dan's wrap-up for the final panel

Dan on plant humiliation

Final panel: Dan Dennett, Alexandra Horowitz, David Edelman, Jennifer Jacquet and Stevan Harnad

Moderating the final panel

The Tom and Dan show

Tom and Dan II

David Edelman

Conference closing

Afterparty mise-en-scene by the vegetarian food

John Brockman and Katinka Matson

Jon Simon, Jeff Sebo and Jessie Munton

Rob Long, Luke Muehlhauser and Amanda Askell

Hans Ulrich Obrist and John Krakauer

Dan Dennett and Peter Singer

With Stuart Firestein, Diana Reiss and Heather Berlin

Dale and Claudia

Josh Myers, Rob Long and Jordan MacKenzie

Peter Carruthers and Andrew Lee

With Dan

Jeff Sebo, Tyler John and Amanda Askell

David Edelman and Erick Llamas

Chelsea Rosenthal, Carolina Flores and Santiago Echeverri

With Renata Singer and Peter Godfrey-Smith

Quorom of Aussies

Brian Hare, Peter Singer, Johan Storm

Hoping that with all the vegetarian food, no one notices the cattle skull on the wall.

Ezra Rubinstein, Veronica Gomez and Carolina Flores

Claudia gives Peter a bag of vegetarian food to take home.

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