A visit to Sydney for a conference marking the 50th anniversary of David Armstrong's "A Materialist Theory of the Mind", on August 8-10, 2018, plus assorted family hijinks.

Frank jackson on armstrong on the knowledge argument

Armstrong on the meta-problem

Welcoming amie thomasson as the inaugural anderson lecturer

Frank Jackson, Anthony Fisher

Den Rob, Bill Fish

Sharon Ford, Peter J. Anstey

Jenny armstrong and dennis balson

Amie Thomasson

David Braddon-Mitchell, Amie Thomasson, Daniel Stoljar

Renee jorgensen bolinger is big in sydney

David Braddon-Mitchell

Daniel Stoljar

John R. Heil

Peter Godfrey-Smith, Daniel Stoljar, Frank Jackson, William G. Lycan, Den Rob

Peter J. Anstey, Peter Godfrey-Smith

Claudia Passos, Sharon Ford

Bill Fish

Amie Thomasson, David Chalmers

Kristie Miller, Amie Thomasson

Sharon Ford, Keith P. Campbell

Den Rob, Daniel Stoljar

Kristie Miller, Daniel Stoljar

Armstrong reminiscences

Keith Q. Campbell

David Braddon-Mitchell, Peter R. Anstey

Daniel Stoljar, Kristie Miller

Frank Jackson, William G. Lycan, Anthony Fisher

John R. Heil, William G. Lycan

Daniel Stoljar, David Braddon-Mitchell, Frank Jackson, Den Rob, William G. Lycan

Peter R. Anstey, Anthony Fisher

Anthony Fisher

Daniel Stoljar, Claudia Passos

Keith P. Campbell, John R. Heil, David Braddon-Mitchell

Den Rob, Keith P. Campbell

Don Nordblom, Claudia Passos, William G. Lycan

Den Rob, Keith P. Campbell, William G. Lycan

David Braddon-Mitchell, Anthony Fisher, Don Nordblom

Den Rob, Claudia Passos, Keith P. Campbell, Sharon Ford, William G. Lycan, John R. Heil

John R. Heil, Peter R. Anstey

David Chalmers

William G. Lycan, Keith P. Campbell

Anthony Fisher, John R. Heil

Fast ferry to manly

With mum in manly

Claudia Passos

With my cousin carol and her book on sydney drag

Claudia Passos

David Chalmers

On the harbour with paul and pauline

Quick stop at the fish market

Lunch from the fish market

Paul C W Davies, Pauline J. Newman, Claudia Passos, David Chalmers

Family get-together

John Gaden, John Chalmers

Matt Gaden

Alex Bune, John Chalmers

David Chalmers, Mike Chalmers

Johnny Chalmers, Mike Chalmers, David Chalmers

Johnny Chalmers, Dani Collins

Claudia Passos, Mike Chalmers

Jim James, Johnny Chalmers, Dani Collins, Alison Margaret Robertson, Mike Chalmers, Claudia Passos, David Chalmers

Rachel Chalmers

Chef's table at kylie kwong's

Glamour shot in the unisex bathrooms

David Chalmers, Alex Bune

Dad and kylie

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