From the meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness in Paris from July 7-10, 2015

Elisabeth Pacherie opens the conference

Quick trip to the Eiffel Tower

With Claudia

With Stuart Hameroff and Ned Block

Levels of consciousness: Hal Blumenfeld, Lisa Miracchi, Adrian Owen, Niko Schiff, and Tim Bayne

Hakwan Lau and Marisa Carrasco

Henry Shevlin and Jeremy Goodman

David Whitney, Alison Gopnik, Sharon Thompson-Schill and David Erritzoe

Two magicians

Javier Gómez-Lavin's prize-winning poster

Amanda Barnier

Claudia's talk on infant color experience

Mo Costandi and Kranti Saran

Sid Kouider

Mo Costandi

Mark Mitton, Sid Kouider, Sofie Gelskov, and Steve Fleming

Stuart, Linda Dayem-Kealy, Joe Ferguson

Marisa Carrasco and Catherine Tallon-Baudry

Tristan Bekinschtein and friends

Lorina Naci and Adrian Owen

Alison Gopnik, Nao Tsuchiya and Mahzarin Banaji

Claudia and Alvy Ray Smith

Thomas Metzinger and Jakob Hohwy

Ting-An Lin and Chrios Schriner

Claudia, Alvy and Alison

Jonathan Farrell, Elisabeth Pacherie and Lisa Miracchi

Maria Corrado and Axel Cleeremans

Tyler Burge

Anna's prize-winning poster

Erik Hoel

With Ron Chrisley

Anil Seth

Nao Tsuchiya

Victor's epic narrative on the four evil scientists

Nao's audience poll in the symposium on the no-report paradigm

Chris Frith's closing talk on the function of consciousness

Conference closing

Sofie Gelskov and Sid Kouider

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