Pics from the 22nd conference of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, in Krakow, Poland, on June 26-29, 2018.

Michal and steve open the assc conference

Patrick haggard on volition

Joseph Ledoux

Joseph Ledoux

Lisa Miracchi, Miguel Angel Sebastian, David Chalmers

Ned Block, Joseph Ledoux

Adina Roskies, Ned Block

Claudia Passos, Anil Seth

Oxford boys

David Carmel, Ned Block

Melanie boly's keynote on posterior vs frontal nccs

Lisa kicks off the symposium on consciousness and ai

Hakwan Lau

Ryota Kanai

Susan Schneider

Hakwan Lau, Ryota Kanai, Lisa Miracchi, Susan Schneider

Yen-Tung Lee

Matthew Crosby

Claudia Passos

Michael Cohen

Michael Z. Pitts, Ned Block

Claudia Passos

Career panel on a boat

Marcin MiƂkowski, Krystyna Bielecka, Michal Wierzchon

Claudia Passos, Miguel Angel Sebastian

Underground party

Olivia Carter, Susan Schneider

Matthias Michel, Claudia Passos

Left-arm workout

Symposium on psychiatry and consciousness

Andy Clark

Megan Peters

Dan Lloyd

Huai-an hsing's prize-winning poster

Frank schumann's prize-winning poster

Victor Lamme

Adam Barrett, Hakwan Lau

Yair Pinto

Yair Pinto, Adam Barrett, Elizabeth Schechter

Elizabeth Schechter

Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Elizabeth Schechter

Kicking off the concurrent session on philosophy of consciousness

Cecily Whiteley

Ned asks cecily a question

Jackson doing some thought-experimental neurosurgery

The diagram explains everything

Thomas Metzinger

Miguel Angel Sebastian, Raphal Millire

Sascha Fink, Alvy Ray Smith, Raphal Millire

Off to the salt mines

Descending deep into the salt mine

Andy Clark

Chamber way underground

Elizabeth Schechter, Bob Van Gulick, Dan Arnold, Alvy Ray Smith

Anil Seth, Adam Barrett

Timothy Bayne

Andy Clark, Timothy A. Bayne

Axel Cleeremans

Adina Roskies, Andy Clark

Extended photography

Elizabeth Schechter, Bob Van Gulick, Alvy Ray Smith, Alison Gopnik

Claudia Passos, Cecily Whiteley, Jackson Kernion

Catherine Tallon-Baudry, Axel Cleeremans, Bert Timmermans, Adina Roskies

Timothy A. Bayne, Nicholas B. Shea

Michal Wierzchon

Cecily Whiteley

Tony H. Y. Cheng, Jessie Tang

Andy Clark, Tony H. Y. Cheng, Jessie Tang, David Chalmers

Facebook thinks that alvy ray smith is john perry

Andy Clark, Dan Lloyd, David Chalmers

David Carmel, Bert Timmermans

Bob Van Gulick, Jackson Kernion

Movie stars

Free choice symposium

Metacognition session

Megan Peters

Nicholas B. Shea

Nicholas B. Shea, Ned Block

Jackson Kernion

Tony H. Y. Cheng, Yen-Tung Lee

Ron Chrisley, Dan Lloyd

Tim bayne kicks off the psychedelics symposium

Olivia Carter

Franz Vollenweider

Robin Carhart-Harris

Alison gopnik on professorial consciousness

Discussion got lively

Alison Gopnik, Robin Carhart-Harris, Frank Vollenweider, Olivia Carter, Timothy A. Bayne

Alison Gopnik, Robin Carhart-Harris, Franz Vollenweider, Olivia Carter, Timothy A. Bayne

Mel announces the 2019 assc meeting in london, ontario and makes a small correction

Henry shevlin gives out the poster prizes

Timothy A. Bayne

Claudia Passos, Olivia Carter

Raphal Millire, Miguel Angel Sebastian

Timothy A. Bayne, Claudia Passos

Miguel Angel Sebastian, Henry Shevlin

Axel Cleeremans, Anil Seth

Ron Chrisley

David Chalmers, Claudia Passos

Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Michael Q. Pitts

David Chalmers, Frank Schumann

Hakwan orders shots all round

Miguel Angel Sebastian

Hakwan Lau, David Chalmers

Miguel Angel Sebastian

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