From ASSC6, the sixth conference of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, held in Barcelona in June 2002.

Overlooking Barcelona (Steffen Borge and Elisabeth Norman, foreground)

Conference banquet: Danny Povinelli, Jonathan Schooler, et al

With Larry Weiskrantz

Petra Stoerig and Larry Weiskrantz

Manuel García-Carpintero, Gemma Celestino, Sonia Roca

Finn Spicer and Bettina Walde

David Rosenthal, Erik Myin, and Jonathan Schooler (background: Doug Meehan and José Bermúdez)

Stan Franklin and Bill Robinson

Tony Jack and Mark Price

Keith Sutherland and David Rosenthal

Jesse Prinz (as Marty Feldman)

Carola Kunkel, outside Santa Maria del Mar

Geraint Rees and Patrick Wilken

Maxim Stamenov and Bruce Bridgeman

David Rosenthal and José Bermúdez


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