From a workshop on 'The First-Person Perspective' held in Athens from May 28-30, 2015

Laurie Paul, Dilip Ninan, Olav Gjelsvik and Andy Egan

Susanna Schellenberg, Manuel García-Carpintero, Laurie Paul, Andy Egan and Mike Titelbaum

Self-location in the agora


Mike locates the stone's first-person perspective

Susanna, Laurie and Annalisa Coliva

We got in trouble for this

Nadia Noorman and Daniel Morgan

Laurie and Annalisa

Dilip, Daniel, Andy, Nadia, Susanna, Annalisa and Laurie

Arguing in the agora

Nadia, Dilip and Annalisa

With Dilip, Laurie, Mike and Susanna

Josh Dever, Dilip, Laurie and Susanna

Andy, Laurie and Annalisa

Laurie and Susanna

Acropolis: Susanna, Nadia, Annalisa, Laurie

Mansplaining atop the Acropolis

Daniel Morgan, Manuel García-Carpintero and Herman Cappelen

Annalisa, Nadia, Laurie, Mike, Susanna, Manuel, Herman, Andy, Dilip and Josh

Nadia and Dilip

Phi and psi

Laurie with phi and psi

Identity theorist, extended mind, agnostic


Brain first

Plato is having it both ways; Aristotle is skeptical

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