From a workshop on Attention and Consciousness, held at ANU on June 25-26, 2009.

Ned Block, Brian Scholl, Chris Mole

John Campbell

Declan Smithies

Eric Schwitzgebel and audience

Berit Brogaard and Bill Fish

Peter Pagin and Kathrin Glüer-Pagin

Jakob Hohwy and Jens Christian Bjerring

Brian Rabern

XX and Daniel Stoljar

Eric Schwitzgebel, Ned Block, Bill Fish

Matt Finkelbein, John Campbell, Chris Mole

Declan Smithies and Berit Brogaard

Ned Block and Susanna Schellenberg

Eric, Ned, Brian, Chris, Matt, John

Wrapping up


Brian Scholl

Ned Block

Holly Lawford-Smith and Stephan Leuenberger

Anne Barnhill and Andy Egann

Joe, Brian, Rhiannon, Berit

Clas Weber and Peter Fritz

XX and Leon Leontyev

Zoe Drayson and Al Hájek

Rachael Brown and Kirsty Douglas

With Susanna Schellenberg

Peter Pagin and Peter Murphy

Eric Schwitzgebel

Ole Koksvik and Jonathan Schaffer

Susanna and Ned

Zoe Drayson and Tobias Wilsch

Michael Jackson tribute

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