From a meeting on "The Return of Consciousness" held in Avesta (Sweden) and Stockholm on June 14-15, 2015

Max Velmans, Susan Blackmore and Owen Flanagan

I think Pat and Tom are having an argument about evolution

Opening panel: With Anil Seth, Andy Clark, Pat, and Tom

Amber Carpenter and Owen Flanagan

Galen Strawson and Tom Nagel

Michelle Montague

Pat and Owen

Owen caught in the middle between reductionism and panpsychism

Anil Seth and Max Velmans

With Andy, Pat and Claudia

With Andy and green mind-extenders

Max between two Texans

Michael to Galen: "I'd say that's a reductio ad absurdum"

Grumpy Texans

Tom cheers everyone up

Galen Strawson and Michelle Montague


Texas comrades again

The irrepressible host, Anders Haag

Panel on "who is conscious?": Thomas Metzinger, Paul Broks, Amber Carpenter, Julian Kiverstein, Anders Haag

Max Velmans, Thomas Metzinger, Marieke Van Vugt

Per Snaprud and Owen Flanagan

Victor Lamme

Tom with his afternoon cigar

Niko Schiff and Anil Seth

Paul Broks and XX

Panel on altered states: Antti Revonsuo, Sakari Kallio, Susan Blackmore, Marieke Van Vugt, Anders Haag

Michael, Cheyenne, and Owen

Per and Niko

Victor Lamme

Nao Tsuchiya

With Michael


Nao, Andy, Paul and Max

Nao and Andy

Tom with his evening cigar

Niko, Tom and Susan


Andy, Claudia, Niko, Susan, Max and Tom

Claudia, Max and Tom

Niko, Claudia, Max and Tom

Andy and Susan

Niko, Max and Tom