From a Barnard-Columbia-Rutgers philosophy of mind workshop, held at Barnard College from August 20-22, 2015

Opening session by Chris Hill

Cruising: John Morrison, David Barnett, Robert Briscoe and Derek Brown

Jake Quilty-Dunn, Adam Pautz, Jeremy Goodman and Zoe Jenkin

With Claudia

Robert and Derek

Jersey boys: Ken Aizawa and Brian McLaughlin

Claudia, Неdda Нaѕѕеl Мørсh, Andrew Lee and Jon Simon

Brian McLaughlin

With Ken Aizawa

Jon, Неdda and David

Kevin Connolly and Jonathan Cohen

Kathryn Tabb, Jorge Morales and Simon Brown

Adam Pautz

Anya and Claudia

Nico Orlandi

John Morrison

Brooklyn bridge (and Manhattan bridge behind it)

Adam and Jeremy

Nico on whether Bayesian perception is inferential

Wayne Wu

Claudia and Kati Balog

Galen Strawson and David Rosenthal

Неdda and Michelle Montague

E.J. Green and Casey O'Callaghan

Elisabeth Camp and Wayne Wu

Derek Brown and Robert Briscoe

Dialetheists' orange juice

With dialethic orange juice

Michelle Montague on awareness of awareness

Neil Mehta on generalized explanatory gaps

Neil and Casey

Adrienne and Neil

Derek and Jorge

Miriam Schoenfield and David Barnett

Hill and McLaughlin!

Adrienne Prettyman, Robert Briscoe, Susanna Schellenberg

Claudia and Неdda

Claudia, Barry Loewer and Kati Balog

Anya Farennikova and Jorge Morales

Nico and Casey

Barry and Kati

David Barnett, John Morrison, and Simon Brown

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