From a conference on "Is the Brain Bayesian?", organized by the NYU Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU in December 2015.

Eric Mandelbaum on shape-shifting reptiles

Josh Tenenbaum

Eric Mandelbaum and Tony Movshon

Packed house

Ernie Davis and Gary Marcus

Weiji Ma, Eric Mandelbaum, Ernie Davis, Gary Marcus

Laura has a question

Gary Marcus

David Bennett, E.J. Green, Bob Matthews

Eero Simoncelli and Jeff Bowers

Jon Simon and Farid Masrour

Karl Friston

Weiji Ma

Jürgen Schmidhuber

Larry Maloney

Ned Block and Marisa Carrasco

Karl Friston and Mchael Rescorla

John Morrison on perceptual confidence

Susanna Siegel on perceptual confidence

Scott Sturgeon, Josh Tenenbaum, Susanna Siegel

Larry and Tony

Rosa Cao and Nico Orlandi

Michael Rescorla, Eric Mandelbaum, Steven Gross

Josh Tenenbaum and Susan Carey

Larry Maloney on philosophy

Laura Schulz on infant Bayesians

Hilary Barth, Laura Schulz, Larry Maloney

Final panel: Susan Carey

Final panel: Scott Sturgeon

Scott sorts things out

Susanna and Scott


Josh Tenenbaum and Michael Strevens

Hartry Field, Susanna Schellenberg, and anti-gravity chair

Claudia and Scott

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