From the Award Ceremony for the first Berggruen Prize, awarded to Charles Taylor at the New York Public Library on December 1, 2016.

With Sari Kisilevsky

Stephen Neale and Elvira Basevich

Sari and nametags

Paul Boghossian

Tamsin Shaw

Tom Nagel and Tamsin Shaw

Sari, Beatrice Longuenesse and Tamsin

Sari, Olivier Berggruen, Daniel Kehlmann, Hanna Damasio


Antonio Damasio and Anne Kehlmann

Sari buttonholes her old teacher, Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor gets the prize

Nicolas Berggruen, Anthony Appiah, Charles Taylor, Fareed Zakaria, Craig Calhoun

With Sari, Daniel Kehlmann, Anne

Paul and Tamsin

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