From the sixth conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (and a postconference workshop on Implicit Definitions and A Priori Knowledge), held in Berlin from September 11-15, 2006.

Books in Berlin

Ulla Wessels and Christoph Fehige

Maria Kronfeldner and Martin Rechenauer

David Papineau and Michael Beaney

Jason Stanley and Sven Rosenkranz

Sabine Doring and Leo

Manuel GarcĂ­a-Carpintero and Paul Horwich

Thomas Spitzley, Sven Walter, Ansgar Beckermann

Mitch Green and Chris Gauker

Flavia Padovani, Christoph Jager, Gordian Haas, Bettina Walde

Michael Blome-Tillman, Christian Barth, Julian Fink, Markus Schrenk

Tatjana Tarkian in Sven Rosenkranz's talk

David Papineau, Jason Stanley, Susanna Siegel, Paul Horwich

With David Papineau

Marcus Rossberg, Daniel Cohnitz, et al

Post-conference workshop: Thomas Grundmann, Tim Williamson, Frank Hofmann

Max Kolbel and Ralf Busse

Audience at my talk

Markus Werning in action

Arno, Ana, Tim Williamson

Joachim Horvath and Christian Nimtz

Wolfgang Schwartz, Romy Jaster, Andrea Potzler, Arno

With Brian McLaughlin

In Friedrichschain

Richard Schantz and Holger Lyre

Brendan Jackson, Magdalena Balcerak, Jens Christian Bjerring, Ben Blumson, Kenny Easwaran, and friend

Jason Stanley and Maria Kronfeldner

Brian McLaughlin, Torin Alter, and friend

Freud's 150th birthday

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