From Angela Mendelovici and David Bourget's wedding on the Greek island of Cephalonia in June 2012

Groom working on his speech

Last-minute consultation

Groom waiting

Bride and parents

Dicey moment -- will the ring fit?

David, Angela, Helen and Marius

David's brother André and sister Catherine, with more family in Quebec


Ryan Fanselow, Lynn Imai, Berit Brogaard

Colin and Kristin


Alexis Tasios, Elizabeth Pilgrim and Jack Woods


Bourget siblings

David Gimelle

Greetings to the Quebec Bourgets

Unsuspecting guests: Matt Moss, Jack Woods, Corinne Gartner

Mike and Berit

With Matt Moss

With Pa Mendelovici

Unchained melody

David and Angela

Dropped anchor off Ithaka

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