Photos from the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness conference in Brisbane in July 2014, and from a post-conference workshop on panpsychism in Byron Bay

Prez address

Anya Farennikova and Claudia Passos

Mel Goodale in repose

Jesse Prinz, Sid Kouider and Jakob Hohwy

Songline session

Johan Storm on neurocomplementarity

Kate Devitt on conscious epistemology

Giulio Tononi meets Ingo and Marian's negative NCC

With locals

Olivia Carter and friend

Tristan Andres Bekinschtein

Axel Cleeremans

Stan Dehaene's public lecture

Natural bridge in Springwood national park

Jakob Hohwy, Giulio Tononi and Naotsugu Tsuchiya


Nao opens the panpsychism workshop, in a church

Welcome to the holy church of the great god Psyche. She is everywhere. Nao and I are merely her prophets.

Panpsychist panorama

Yasuo Kuniyoshi on Noby the baby robot

Poll on whether plants are conscious (before and after Monica Gagliano's talk)

Jack Pettigrew amd Johan Storm

Panpsychists on the beach

Note Giulio's beachwear

Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Bruno van Swinderen and David Edelman

With David Edelman

With Axel Cleeremans

Scientists with beards

Janet Wiles on rats and robots

Monica Gagliano and Dave Carmel arguing about plant consciousness

Srini and Mel

Giulio and Larissa's solution to the combination problem

IIT on all three versions of the combination problem

Panpsychist mise-en-scene

Jeroen and Jakob being photographed by a spinning iphone

Linda Dayem-Kealey and Claudia

Nao Tsuchiya and Anil Seth

Nao and Anil

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