From a Columbia-Barnard-Rutgers workshop in the philosophy of mind at the Brooklyn Zen Center in Gowanus, August 2017

Casey O'Callaghan, Susanna Schellenberg and John Morrison

Derek Brown on indirect perception

Rosa Cao on neural computation

Rosa and Chris

Casey O'Callaghan, Susanna Schellenberg and Andrew Lee

Rosa and David Barack argue neuroscience

Claudia, Umrao Sethi and Peter Epstein

Farid Masrour and Sebastian Watzl

Claudia and Susanna

Eric Mandelbaum and E.J. Green

Crisis management: Ram Neta

Jon Simon and John Morrison

With Farid

Consciousness beers

Panpsychism going cheap

Неdda Мørсh on phenomenal powers

Andrew Lee

Susanna and Chris Hill

E.J. and Claudia

Steven Gross and Jake Quilty-Dunn.

Jake Quilty-Dunn on the perception-cognition distinction

Philosophers eating chili: Kate Pendoley, Zed Adams, Eric Mandelbaum, Andrew Lee

Philosophers eating ice-cream: Umrao Sethi, Kate Pendoley and Jessie Munton

Casey and Неdda

Jake, Eric, E.J., Farid and Rosa

Frankie Egan and Steven Gross

Ram Neta and David Rosenthal

Peter, Derek, Farid and Jonathan Cohen

Gowanus canal

Ian Phillips and Jake Quilty-Dunn

With Jorge Morales and Eric Mandelbaum

Неdda and Sebastian

Andrew and Неdda

E.J. and Zoe Jenkin

Ian and Claudia

Chris Peacocke on logical inference

Ram has a question



Sebastian Watzl on norms of attention

Chris and Sebastian

Brian, Jon and Derek

David and Jonathan

Attempting Derek Brown smiles.

Sebastian and Farid

John and Peter

John and Ram

Simon Brown and Jessie Munton

Jake and Zed

Zoe and Jake

David gets carded

J, J, & J

S & S

Z & Z

With Nico Silins

D train returning over the Manhattan bridge

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