From a conference on Russellian Monism at the Central European University in Budapest August 12-13, 2017


Three generations: Helen Saradi, Angela Mendelovici, Eleni Bourvici

Philip Goff and David Bourget

Philip and David

Budapest rooftop

Davids and Liszt

Philip Goff and Неdda Мørсh

Claudia on the bridge

With Kati Balog

Barry Loewer and Claudia

Luke Roelofs

David Bourget

Неdda Мørсh

Erick Llamas, XX and Don Nordblom.

Claudia and Hanoch Ben-Yami

Angela, Eleni, Helen and Luke

Torin Alter, Robert Howell, Greg Horne, Cecily Whiteley, Andrew Lee and Jakub Mihalik

Hanoch, David, Angela, Eleni, Helen and Susan Schneider

Opening talk on Russellian idealism

Susan Schneider on idealism

Sam Coleman, Jakub Mihalik and Barbara Montero on panpsychism

Adam Pautz skypes in (with Gabe Rabin)

Luke Roelofs responds to Adam

Yujin Nagasawa's pizza dead end

Philip promotes

Philip, Yujin, Greg Miller, Sam and Claudia

Jacek Jarocki and Per Snaprud

David and Torin

Uzi Awret and Yujin

Неdda and Gabe

Sam, Angela, and Maria Venieri.

Don and Erick

CEU rooftop


Maria, Sam and Greg

Gregor Hoerzer and Jakub Mihulik

Howard Robinson and Claudia

Greg Miller, Fabian Klinge, Máté Herner, Erick Llamas and Garrett Mindt

Matthias Rugel, Torin Alter, and Tomáš Hříbek

Erick Llamas

Budapest sunset

With Matthias Rugel

International symbol of Russellian monism: first attempt (Robert, Sam and Torin)

International symbol of Russellian monism: second attempt

International symbol of Russellian monism: third attempt

International symbol of Russellian monism: David's attempt

International symbol of Russellian monism: Philip's attempt

International symbol of Russellian monism: Dan Pallies' attempt

International symbol of Russellian monism: group effort with Greg, Fabian and Don

Ruben Verhagen

Andrew Lee

Gabe and Susan

Maria and Claudia

Angela Mendelovici on the combination problem

David Bourget on random dualism

David and Angela

Ponens against Russellian causation

Tollens responds to Ponens

Неdda advocates phenomenal powers

One person's ponens: Robert Howell and Torin Alter

Tom McClelland on structural mismatch

View from on stage

Howard Robinson sums up

Barry Loewer convulses the audence

Beer garden

Luke, Andrew, Claudia and Howard

Howard and Barry demonstrate the definitive international symbol of Russellian monism.

Howard and Philip read a canonical text

Máté, Garrett, Cecily, and Dan

Uzi, Greg, Marta,and Máté

Barbara, Sam and Jakub

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