From a summer school on Phenomenal Consciousness, Conceptual Analysis, and Metaphysics, held at the University of Cologne from September 4-8, 2006.

Philosophers at work: Nasim Mahoozi, Thomas Grundmann, Dushan Wegner, et al

On the Rhine: Frank Hofmann and Karol Polcyn

Philosophers on a boat

Maren Kruger and Alexandre Billon

Wolfgang (Wo) Schwartz

Philosophers on the beach

Philosophers at the cathedral

Clas Weber, Mark Thomsen, Julian Thomas

Tünnes and Schäl

Thomas Grundmann and Eva Schmidt

Nasim Mahoozi on zombies

Seminar room audience

Peter Schulte, Markus Werning, Daniel Schoch, Thomas Grundmann

Garden party trio

Thomas Erdle and Soham Al-Suadi

Tobias Schlicht and Joachim Horvath

Daniel Cohnitz and Andreas Hütteman

With Thomas Grundmann, diagonalizing

Philosophers on a tram: Eva, Woldai, Christian, Nasim

New seminar room

Magdalena Balcerak and Jens Christian Bjerring

Markus Werning and Jan Sprenger

Christina Zuber, Tobias Lessmeister, Jens Kipper

Nasim Mahoozi and Natalja Deng

Anand Vaidya with Albertus Magnus

Maren Kruger with Albertus Magnus

Karol Polcyn and Ulrich Missberger with Albertus Magnus

Wo, Brendan, Magdalena, Romy, JC with Albertus Magnus

Group zombie photo

Farewell dinner

Sunset over the Rhine

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