From the Conceptual Analysis and 2-D Semantics conference at the University of Cologne, 18-19 June 2011.

Jens Kipper and Thomas Grundmann

Bob Stalnaker and Ben Blumson

Frank Jackson

XX and Wolfgang Spohn

Alex Byrne, Laura Schroeter and Frank Jackson

Ben Blumson and Bob Stalnaker


Jacek Brzozowski and Peter Fritz

Frank, XX and Thomas

Giovanni Merlo and YY

Wolfgang diagonalizes


Woldai Wagner and XX

Wolfgang Spohn and Daniel Cohnitz

Christian Nimtz

Alex Byrne makes a Russellian proposition

Christian, Alex, and Lars Dänzer

Frank says it's in the head

Peter and XX

Ben Blumson and Jacek Brzozowski

Jens Kipper and Thomas Grundmann


With Woldai


Jussi Haukioja

Thomas Grundmann and Wolfgang Spohn

Bob, Alex and Laura

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