From a workshop on Consciousness and Thought, held in Dubrovnik on August 26-28, 2008.

The old town

Declan Smithies and Jenny Beard

Nico Silins and Susanna Siegel

Tim Bayne and Maja Spener

Ljudevit Hanzek and Gabriela Basic

Matjaž Potrč, Terry Horgan, Charles Siewert

Howard Robinson, sleeping

City tour: Martina Zezelj, Lujudevi, Gabriela, Pave Brailo, Luca Malatesti


Benj Hellie and Jessica Wilson

Jesse Prinz and Zdravko Radman

Susanna Schellenberg and David Pitt

Maja in action

With Nico, Benj, Zdravko

Jenny and Declan

Upstairs, downstairs

David and Fred's gay marriage commemorative tattoos

Nico in action

Jessica and Maja

Susanna and Jesse

Nico and Jessica

Zdravko and Terry


With Matjaž


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