From the meeting of the New Zealand division of the Australasian Association of Philosophy at the University of Otago, December 3-8, 2005.

Team ANU disembarking: Brendan Jackson, Michael Brady, Magdalena Balcerak, Fiona Macpherson, Alan Hájek

Dusky Sound from the air

Al Hájek and James Beattie on Lake Hauroko

Philosophers at Curio Bay

Denis Robinson and Kirsty Douglas

Drew Khlentzos and Glen Pettigrove

John Williams and Michael Pelczar

Maurice Goldsmith and Bill Fish

John Bishop and Fred Kroon, quizzingly

Grant Gillett and Christine Swanton

XX and Charles Pigden

The Chalmers boys: Alan and David

Emily Gill and Heather Dyke

Tahua O'Leary

Alan Musgrave in action

Brendan and Magdalena atop the world's steepest street

Train into Taieri Gorge

Fiona and Michael on the train

Philippa and Jonathan McKeown-Green

Rosalind Hursthouse

Robert Nola, Howard Sankey, Steven Kambouris, Neil and Rosemary Thomason

With Al Hájek and Neil Thomason

Taieri Gorge

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