Photos from a conference on "Expressivism, Pragmatism, and Representationalism", held at the University of Sydney on August 29-31, 2007 (along with a few photos from a conference on "Moral Cognition and Meta-Ethics", immediately afterwards).

Huw Price and Simon Blackburn, skipping along Ramsey's ladder

Allan Gibbard and Steven Hetherington

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Bob Brandom

Philip Pettit and Marc Hauser

Rachael Briggs and Jamie Dreier

Folke Tersman and Rae Langton

Luke Russell and Peter Farleigh

Neil Levy and Adina Roskies

David Macarthur, Philip Staines, Greg O'Hair

Simon Blackburn and Geoff Sayre-McCord

Luca Moretti

Allan Gibbard and Jenann Ismael

Jeanette Kennett and Rae Langton

David Braddon-Mitchell and Kristie Miller

Tori McGeer and Bob Brandom

Tori, Bob, Amie, Rae, Huw, Philip, Allan

Blackburns, Angela and Simon

Adina and Walter

Amie Thomasson and Rachael Briggs

With Joe, Becky, Nancy Yang, John Cusbert, Nick Smith

The O'Hair-Dreiers

Richard Holton, qua pirate, with Natalie

Natalie Thomasson Lewis

More photos can be found here.

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